The Company is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. Our objectives are to reduce pollution, waste and emissions while complying with all rules, regulations and client requirements.


In everything we do, practice…reduce, reuse, recycle!

Aiken Group are committed to zero environmental incidents – such as, but not limited to, oil or cargo spills, contaminations etc in both our offshore and onshore working environments.

Aiken Group will assess and identify all risks and provide procedures, equipment, risk assessments and training in order to mitigate these risks.

Aiken Group will implement its environmental management system with the full commitment of Senior Management and all employees.

Aiken Group will regularly update its environmental management system applicable and understandable to the whole organisation.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is an integral part of the Company’s environmental management system.

Environmental considerations for both short and long term effects are an integral part of decision making process within the Company.

Danny Donald
Managing Director