It is the Aiken Group Limited’s policy to continuously improve our services to meet our customers expectations and needs. We aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

This policy will be implemented through the systematic application of innovative and advanced engineering practice and quality management to all activities, together with the active involvement and conscious improvement of all staff.

This Quality Assurance Manual sets down the method of application of such a policy. In recognition that ISO 9001 places specific responsibilities on Aiken Group Limited to meet quality assurance requirements, compliance with the provisions of this manual is an obligation upon all staff.

Quality objectives are performance related targets based on customer requirements. Aiken Group Limited develops these through interactions with and feedback from customers and identifies them in management review, performance and business plans.

The Company recognised the relevant industry legislation including; SI913, SOLAS and MODU Code. Unintended and un-stated industry standards and their implied requirements shall be accommodated.

The Managing Director bears the responsibility for implementing and maintaining this Quality Policy at all levels throughout the Company. The management team will periodically review the performance of the quality management system and our quality objectives to ensure their effectiveness and continuing suitability.

Danny Donald.
Managing Director