Door/Window Maintenance & Testing

Aiken Group Door and Window Maintenance and Testing division supply, install, integrity test, maintain and repair the full range of offshore ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘H’ rated hinged and sliding doors from small escape hatches to large sliding doors.

Our fully experienced maintenance technicians also repair and replace offshore rated windows.

Offshore Surveys and FEED studies

  • Offshore surveys and preparation of a comprehensive detailed FEED report, is complete with recommendations
  • Temporary Refuge (TR) - Integrity testing, door inspection and repair to ensure zero leakage
  • Cost estimates, manning levels, MTO’s and project plan

Offshore Support and Pre-planning

  • Risk and COSHH assessments
  • Maintenance and servicing FEED studies
  • Identification & specification of materials and equipment
  • Engineering, doors & spares sourcing and procurement, expediting & QA/QC
  • Preparation of Planned Maintenance Routines procedure (PMR’s)
  • Planned campaign maintenance programme

Mobilisation of Technicians

  • Platform layout drawings - Safety Case
  • Unique identification numbers per door
  • Door & Window installation plan
  • Risk / COSHH assessments, tool box talks and safety inductions
  • Work packs and installation programme
  • Integrity testing equipment as required

Door and Window Maintenance

  • Offshore installation and repair of all types of fire rated doors and windows
  • Regular offshore maintenance visits, checks, repair, replacement and upgrades
  • Integrity testing
  • Onshore and offshore spares levels management (Min/Max)
  • Final acceptance of all work to the complete satisfaction of client

WELHAB Pressure Guard

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative products to our industry partners, Aiken Group have devised Pressure Guard; a system that can be fitted over the structural opening prior to removing faulty or damaged doors.


The main problem encountered while replacing external A60 doors offshore is the loss of pressurisation. This is an obvious safety and integrity issue and can put technicians under a bit of pressure to get the old door off and the new one on as soon as possible.


Taking into consideration the pressure that will be enforced upon the door opening, Aiken Group have built in a suitable sealing method, ensuring minimal pressurisation loss during door replacement activities.


The Pressure Guard Product is fabricated using only fire resistant materials and fitted with emergency pull cords to enable quick release from structural opening in the case of emergency.


Due to our well managed supply chain and the ongoing good relationships Aiken Group have with all vendors this product can be delivered at a very competitive cost without compromising quality.