Aiken Group Announces New Venture

12 October 2016

Aberdeen-based Aiken Group has announced a new collaborative approach which will lead to the creation of new jobs and the establishment of a new office in England. 

Aiken Group is a leading and innovative supplier of integrated, out-sourced and solutions-based engineering and specialist services principally accommodation.  The new office will be based in York and is centrally placed to efficiently service the southern markets.

In a bid to add to the diverse portfolio it currently offers its growing client base, Aiken Group has joined forces with US-based blast rated module provider Hunter Buildings to form a strategic alliance in a sales and rental capacity. 

The exciting collaboration will facilitate further exploration into emerging markets including petrochemical, refinery, onshore commercial projects and much more.

Hunter Buildings was founded in 1999 to design and manufacture a superior blast-resistant building to safeguard lives and was the first to design, construct and sell API RP 752-compliant, blast-resistant modular buildings to the refining and petrochemical communities.

Aiken Group’s Norman MacKay explained: “It is very important that we continue to adopt a proactive approach in broadening our horizons.  This collaborative approach involves well-known companies pooling their resources to provide the cost-effective solutions required by current trading conditions and we anticipate that this successful marriage will benefit company and customer alike.”

Hunter International Managing Partner Mike LeBlanc added: “Hunter Buildings is proud to enter into this alliance with Aiken Group.  By Hunter and the Aiken Group joining forces, we will be able to deliver even better access to our products and improve customer service which will allow us to help improve client productivity, increase safety and drive sustainability across Europe.  We value Aiken’s team and capabilities – their people, professional expertise, customer reach, as well as their locations and footprint.” 

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