Thinking Independently Together

18 October 2016

“Many different elements working together cohesively” is one definition of diversity and, in our experience, it’s not a bad ethos to have in a multi-disciplined business such as ours.


by Danny Donald, managing director, Aiken Group








I have always strongly believed that corporate strength can be achieved through business synergies and the rewards are as multi-faceted as what we have to offer – a broad portfolio of services can increase your potential market and customer base, but it also minimises the potential risk of putting all your eggs in one basket, as it were. 

Our number one priority is to create a growing, sustainable, local business that can compete competitively on a global stage.

I believe we occupy a unique place within the Aberdeen business community in terms of being independently owned and offering turnkey modular accommodation solutions for the energy and other sectors.

In successfully developing a strong and diverse business, it is crucial to nurture a locally-based workforce which embraces the concept – “thinking independently together.”

Not only is this beneficial for company sustainability but it also benefits the wider community in creating a motivated, skilled workforce which understands their own individual remit and how their piece of work fits into the larger corporate puzzle helping the company to achieve the desired end result.

Balance is also important and we must find equilibrium in supporting both local and national infrastructures whilst embracing and understanding the need to innovate and invest as the shape of our chosen marketplaces continues to change.

One of the elements which is key to getting to grips with this ongoing evolution is innovation and current trading conditions give us the ideal opportunity to pause and re-evaluate.

Most importantly, the circumstances we face now create opportunities to try and bring exciting new products and services to the table.

Whether this be working independently or in collaboration with other like-minded organisations, the opportunity to work with others is important in broadening corporate horizons and something which should be explored whenever and wherever possible.

Whilst it is important to keep a close eye on traditionally successful arenas, such as the North Sea, it is imperative that to help balance the fluctuations of individual markets we look to diversify into new regions and we welcome the possibilities presented by new geographic territory.

In our case, this strategy has taken us to the likes of Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Canada, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mexico and Singapore and we hope it will continue to open doors to new and exciting possibilities around the world.

Moving forward, I believe that “thinking independently together” will become increasingly important as our business evolves to face the challenges presented by the current economic climate.  Each individual part of our business has a vital role to play in bringing stability and sustainability, and the synergies between the different elements of our portfolio will, I believe, stand us in good stead.

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